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12.08.2022 The Silly Home Release – Sharing is Caring

Welcome Folks to The Silly Home’s Second weekly release – Sharing is Caring

The Silly Home tries to bring true automation to your smart homes via ML. This means no more rules!

Through these regular releases, we hope to make The Silly Home a better application and allows us to broadcast insider knowledge on the developments!

Our roadmap :: container repo :: addon-repo :: docker images

Don’t feel shy to post any comments, criticism and ideas below. I want the feedback and ideas to make this amazing. We also have a discord chat if anyone needs help setting up or just wants a chat.


  1. Shared Database
  2. Enable/Disable Actuators UI
  3. Autotrain

Shared Database

I envision one of the big improvements to the models and our strategy is for us to leverage more peoples data.

My vision is to build a ensemble model using a generic Deep Learning model trained on all users data, then a refined model based on only the specific users data. With this approach, it should make the predictions more accurate and also more helpful (in the sense that it suggests useful actions even if you haven’t performed these before). One of the key things to do now is to gather enough data which is where the Shared Database comes in.

Right now, the feature essentially replicates your states data from your Home Assistant database and stores it in an AWS Aurora V2 serverless DB (which only I have view access to). The data is anonymous and you can opt-out if you do not want to share your data in the config.

This is definitely a long term goal but this is an important step to start building towards it.

Enable/Disable Actuators UI

A useful enhancement to the dashboards UI which gives you flexibility to enable or disable actuators on the fly.


For more regular usage, I thought adding a cron job to auto retrain the models won’t hurt. It is on by default but you can adjust it using the config params – autotrain: [’true’,’false’] and autotrain_cadence: [”<insert-cron-string>”]

Bug fixes:

No bug fixes this week!

Next week – Performance Retro

There are a 2 things I want to improve so that the user experience is better. One major thing I noticed is that the data parsing step is exceptionally slow when running on a Raspberry Pi. Also an improvement to the configuration module is long overdue! I also want to investigate minute by minute snapshots of states using AppDaemon instead of just taking what Home Assistant stores.

That’s all folks! Hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂

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