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19.08.2022 Performance Rec

Performance Rec

This is The Silly Home’s third release – Performance Rec – All around speeding up processing and deployment.

Our roadmap :: container repo :: addon-repo :: docker images :: feedback calendly :: discord chat


  1. Improve Code performance & quality
  2. DL minute snapshots
  3. Easier configuration

Improve Code performance & quality

One of the bigger changes is to convert a bulk of the original parsing code into vectorized operations. This has sped up the parsing by at least 50x!

Another aspect of this ticket is to also start using pre-built images for the addons which reduces the time to install the addon itself. Although I don’t fully know why it is faster, I verified it by testing and went from 4 mins to 2 mins.

DL minute snapshots

I added a new Appdaemon app that records all states every 5 seconds and also when the states from specific devices changes. This is now storing data into the shared db and hopefully I can test out some fancy deep learning models (RNN?) to see if it works.

Easier configuration

I couldn’t come up with an easy solution that would make sense for both the container and the addon. Will keep digging and do welcome suggestions.

Bug fixes:

  1. Share data option

Share data option

Now added the share_data option to the config.yaml for the addon so this can now be specified.

Next week – Going deep

I really want to get feed back from anyone who is using the addon,

I truly believe a crucial next stage is to apply Deep Learning models in order to predict user interactions. RNN on the outset seems to be the right approach but there are so much setup to find important features before even we can test it out.

While actioning on this effort locally, I still want to add usability features to make sure you guys are happy! With respect to this, I’ve opened this Calendly so that anyone who wants to discuss can reach me easily – I don’t bite and your feedback means a lot to me and my project.

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