Release: Interim Update

  • Release |
  • 2022-10-21 |
  • 🕑 5 mins |
  • Christopher Lai

Welcome Folks to The Silly Home’s release - Interim Update

Its been a while since the last release, as I am working on the production version of this product. Here are some promised changes :)


  1. Docker Optimization
  2. Disable all on start-up

Docker Optimization

The docker image was getting a bit out of hand with a whopping size of 1.7GB when uncompressed. I amended the DockerFile to leverage a few optimization techniques such as combining layers and multi-stage building.

Disable all on start-up

A user requested feature to disable everything on start-up and then optionally turn actuators on in the UI. This is added as a config parameter startup_disable_all which is defaulted to false.

Bug fixes:

  1. Removed hard exception for incorrect actuator/sensor ids

Removed hard exception for incorrect actuator/sensor ids

In the previous version, we had added config checking and here was a hard exception if there is no cases for the actuators or sensors provided. However, it was actually difficult for users to determine if there are cases for them, so I’ve changed this to a warning and removing these erroneous ids from the list instead.