The Silly Home cloud service is live!

  • Release |
  • 2023-01-11 |
  • 🕑 3 mins |
  • Christopher Lai

Hi everybody, I’m Chris!

Around May last year, I made a little addon on Home Assistant that automates devices using machine learning techniques. Our project now has 59 total GitHub stars & 56 members in the our Discord community.

Ambient intelligence for a smarter home

Our big vision is to make the home truly intelligent, eliminating routines and requirements for human control. The smart home should work for you, not the other way around. The goal is to make a service that is easy to use and an integral part of the smart home ecosystem.

With that I’m happy to launch The Silly Home’s first alpha version!

Start small with a big vision.

Our primary focus for now is to automate lights with AI. Why? Smart lights is one of the key components of any smart home. It’s adoption is wide and its attributes are well defined. Solving this particular problem will help the most people and will prove the concept.

Our platform support will begin with Home Assistant. Why? It is the largest open-source smart home platform, has tons of support for developers and a lively community. Using Home Assistant as our first base will propel our progress in building the technology.

Once our support for automated lights is up to scratch, the next phase will be to expand into other types of devices and other platforms.

It’s free. Sign up now!

This is a culmination of 3 months of hard work and your interest, feedback and support is crucial to its development. Even if your platform is not available yet, sign up to register your interest!